How to analyze basketball bets

Basketball is a game between two teams, the goal of which is to throw the greatest number of balls into the opponent’s basket, reinforced on a special backboard. This is not only an Olympic discipline but also the most popular hobby for adults and children around the world as well as a popular discipline for gambling.

A sports game called basketball appeared in the 19th century and quickly spread across the globe. It was invented by a young Canadian teacher James Naismith. While teaching gymnastics in the United States, Naismith decided to “spice up” the lessons a little and attached two fruit baskets to the balcony railing. In them, Naismith’s students had to throw balls. The winner was the team with the most hits. Naturally, that game only vaguely resembled modern basketball.

What should be considered when analyzing basketball?

There are several important factors that are important to take into account in basketball:
Form of teams and players. Check out the state of both the entire team and individual players. The exhaustion after the last overtime match and the mental depression from an offensive defeat are all things to study before betting.
The history of face-to-face meetings. Sometimes teams predictably play with each other, which does not fit into the overall statistics. The outsider can beat the leader, the field factor and the personal motivation of key players will play a role.
Position in the standings. Pay attention to motivation. If the team has already advanced to the next round, then it doesn’t really need a victory. The second line-up can play, but you’d better gamble on your opponents.
Disqualified and injured players. Be sure to stay up to date with the news. Even one player’s non-participation in the match may affect the outcome of the meeting. It is possible that the bookmaker did not take into account or does not believe that the player’s injury will affect the result. Then it’s time to place a bet and earn money!

Is it better to bet on basketball live correctly?

Basketball live betting is very popular. We recommend choosing bookmakers for live stakes not only for high odds but also for the width of the list. Sometimes you are able to make money by betting on exotic basketball outcomes. For example, on the total of three-point shots or on the effectiveness of a particular player. We recommend following three rules:
Choose your bookmaker carefully. Some bookmakers do not want to take risks, so they only accept bets between quarters. The most “delicious” odds can be caught when events in the quarter do not develop according to plan. Therefore, such bookmakers are unlikely to suit you.
Try to make money on the NBA. Most of the matches of this championship end with a predictable result. Only in the prematch, the favorite can be given 1.1, and in live – already 1.5 and more. The reason is a temporary loss, the drain of the first quarter. Then the leader with a high probability will squeeze the outsider, sensations in the NBA are rare. The bookmaker reacts by increasing the odds to the leader, you can earn money on this. The most important thing is to choose a bookmaker who will not cut the limits in such a situation.
Use strategies. For example, a search strategy for “surebets”. If during the match the situation changes dramatically several times, then first place your bet on one team. Then wait for the growth of the coefficient on the opponent, and then bet on him with a favorable coefficient. So you are guaranteed to win money if both odds are higher than 2. This is more true for exotic championships.